No. 9 – Baileys Irish Cream Pie

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Baileys Irish Cream Pie   My husband, senior taste tester in our house, asked me if there was some sort of pie theme going on (other than a whole year of pies).  A few pies have had some sort of liquor such as brandy, amaretto and now Baileys Irish Cream.   I don't think there will be many more pies like this one so enjoy!  This is for St. Patrick's Day after all!!  You can't (well I . . . Continue Reading

Spinach & Mushroom Quesadillas


I guess you know I have a problem.  I've become obsessed with finding a fantastic quesadilla recipe.  This one is good, really good, and my husband said "yes, you can make this one again!"  High praises from the man who has never met a leftover he didn't like.  I found this recipe on The Pioneer Woman's site.  I have come to trust Ree's recipes.  The ingredients are not weird and hard to . . . Continue Reading

Black Bean Burgers


When you make homemade English Muffins, you're going to need something to go on top!  I've been very interested in Black Bean Burgers (BBBs) and read every recipe I come across.  Finally, I decided to take the 'best' from each of my favorite blogger recipes and create a recipe of my own.  I love vege burgers and have tried many over the years.  But I haven't ever ordered Black Bean . . . Continue Reading

English Muffins


You know, there are times when I read a recipe and think, I didn't know you could do that.  Or, I never thought about making that!  I recently found this recipe for English Muffins on Tasty Kitchen and figured why not?  I LOVE English Muffins!  This recipe was posted by Sarah Fowler last summer on her blog.  The reason I believed this recipe was going to work, was that it had 5 ratings . . . Continue Reading

Minestrone Soup


Winter's not done with us yet - so soup's still on the menu.  I really could eat soup all year as long as the air conditioning works in the summer.  I love a good vegetable soup with or without beef.  This is a vege only soup made with vegetable stock and pasta, and it really hits the spot!Minestrone SoupWhen I start looking for a recipe to make, I often read several . . . Continue Reading

No. 8 – Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie


Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie (Adapted from a recipe in Biltmore, Our Table To Yours, Chef's Selection Cookbook) Happy President's Day!  I think they're going to change the name to "National - go buy a mattress Monday."  Or at least that's what one would think with all the commercials and discounts. In honor of President's Day we'll have a little history "did you know" . . . Continue Reading

The Grove Park Inn – Asheville NC


This is the last installment of photos from our trip to Asheville :(  It was really nice to get away and even better to visit my cousin Suzanne and her husband Steve.  Let's go again soon! On our last day we enjoyed Sunday brunch at The Grove Park Inn.  My husband and I had been there before, many years ago.  It was still just as good as we remembered.  In fact, we would all like to . . . Continue Reading

The Biltmore Conservatory


Do you think you need a little springtime?  Do you long to see the forsythia burst in a bright yellow display?   Do daffodils make you smile?  Me too.  This has been a long winter for some reason.  We didn't even get tons of snow like other northeastern locations, but it's just been cold and sad.  Gray and cold, and sad, and I'm ready for some . . . Continue Reading

The Biltmore


Have you ever been to the Biltmore?  While February is probably not the most exciting time to visit, go when you can!  The house is beautifully decorated all year but Christmas is exceptionally wonderful.  The Christmas trees and decorations are inspiring.  I could go on and on about the house and the Vanderbilt family, but just trust me on this, you need to go and see it for . . . Continue Reading

Fig Bistro


We had a wonderful weekend in Asheville, North Carolina visiting with my cousin Suzanne and her husband Steve who flew in from the Detroit area.  My husband and I drove down from Fredericksburg and the four of us went shopping and site seeing, and we talked, and talked, and talked some more.  It was a lovely time and I can't wait for the next long weekend together. There was another . . . Continue Reading