Homemade Italian Meatballs

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I often dream of taking a trip to Tuscany, or Rome, or anywhere in Italy.  I think it would be so fantastic to sit at a street side cafe sipping red wine, eating cheese, warm crunchy bread and fresh pasta made by some wonderful little old Italian woman, or handsome Italian man, I'm not picky.  It doesn't help that my friend Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow has been posting incredible . . . Continue Reading

No. 35 – Pear Crumb Pie


After a week that included an earthquake and a hurricane, I'm happy to report we're still here and have no major problems. Do you think we should move further away from Washington, D.C.?  It has been interesting but I'm glad to get back to normal and my normal weekend includes making a pie!  I'm getting into the mood for fall and found a bunch of wonderful ripe pears. . . . Continue Reading

Garden to Table – Our summer garden in pictures


We're very happy with the success of our garden this year.  Each year it gets a little better and we try a few new things.  I didn't get in the garden as much to do the digging, weeding and planting this year, but I did pick and cook a lot!  So to change things up a little on this Friday in late August, I have posted photos we both (traveling husband and I) took . . . Continue Reading

Chocolate Birthday Cake


You know yesterday was a strange day.  I had several things happen for the first time ever.  One event you may have heard of was the earthquake.  The epicenter is about 15 miles from my office in Spotsylvania County Virginia, a few miles from Fredericksburg.  I was standing in the front office talking to a co-worker when the building started to shake.  When it didn't stop shaking, and . . . Continue Reading

No. 34 – Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie


This wasn't the only pie I made this weekend.  But it is by far the best.  I tried to develop a recipe for an orange cream pie but it ended up almost tasteless so abandoned that particular pursuit.  I've had this recipe for Sugar Cream Pie in the pile for a long time.  I knew I'd need a quick, simple, delicious, heirloom recipe to pull out one . . . Continue Reading

Zucchini Bread

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Happy Friday my friends!  It's time for another episode of our 'garden-to-table' feature!  You know zucchini had to make more than one appearance on SRFD.  We love zucchini at our house.  We grill it, saute it with tomatoes and onions, we put it in salads and we put it in our quick bread.  I'm looking at recipes for zucchini lasagna too so you may see it again!  The garden is still . . . Continue Reading

Homemade Marinara & Cheese Ravioli

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I've been in a saucy mood lately.  You know, in the mood to make sauce!  Since our garden is bursting with tomatoes it only made sense to make a fresh marinara.  This means it's time for another installment of our 'garden-to-table' feature! I gathered Roma tomatoes for a few days and ended up with somewhere between 35 and 40 fruits.  I picked some fresh basil, set aside a big onion, . . . Continue Reading

No. 33 – Marbled Cream Cheese Pie


Sweet, creamy, smooth cream cheese with a little tang and a rich chocolate ribbon.  Yum.  If you like cheesecake you're going to like pie number 33 on our list. Can you believe the weekend is gone already?  I can't.  I look forward to Monday only because I know I'm going to post a pie - not because I get to go back to work.   I'm sure you understand. A cream cheese pie goes . . . Continue Reading

Cuban Sandwich


It's Friday!  Yeah!  I'm ready for a weekend.  We hope to do some kayaking now that the temperatures are under control.  I also plan to spend some time in the kitchen dishing up some more recipes for the 'garden to table' feature.  We're still covered up with tomatoes and have begun to carry bags with us everywhere we go.  I take them to work, my . . . Continue Reading

Secret’s in the BBQ sauce


Have you ever seen the movie Fried Green Tomatoes? It's one of my favorites and I never seem to get tired of the tale of Idgie, Ruth, Evelyn and Tawanda.  Tawanda especially speaks to me :) Idgie and Ruth own a restaurant named The Whistlestop Cafe and serve fantastic barbecue to their neighbors, hired hands and travelers alike. One of the scenes describes why the BBQ is so delicious . . . Continue Reading