Turkey, Brie, Apple & Hot Pepper Jelly Panini


Don't you just love a happy accident?  I hate to waste food and was looking for another way to use the Thanksgiving leftovers.  While standing in front of the open refrigerator I came up with an idea. We love hot pepper jelly and had some left over from Thanksgiving appetizers. Our guests had never heard of this jelly flavor, nor had they tried crackers with cream cheese and hot . . . Continue Reading

No. 48 – Classic Pecan Pie


I used to have a fear of pecan pie.  Not of eating it but of making it.  This was a completely unfounded fear as I had never even tried to make one.  I just remember so many people bringing runny pecan pie to some family event and thought mine would turn out the same.  Actually I could have left this pie in the oven a few more minutes, but it didn't affect the incredible, classic, taste . . . Continue Reading

No. 47 – Spicy Peanut Pie


We're getting to the last of the 52 pies which means the end of 2011 is quickly approaching.  I am convinced that time accelerates minutes after you wash the last dish on Thanksgiving.  At this point I'm trying to make sure I've made at least one pie with all the fruit and nuts available in our area.  Peanuts have not been represented yet, peanut butter yes, peanuts and molasses not so . . . Continue Reading

Perfect Pot Roast


There are many reasons why this pot roast is perfect.  First, it's perfectly easy to throw together.  Second, being able to cook an entire meal in one pot makes it easy to clean up.  Third, fourth and fifth, etc ... the meat is extremely tender; the vegetables are cooked to perfection; the roast smells like heaven while it cooks and the rich, savory broth makes really good gravy.  Oh . . . Continue Reading

Lion House Rolls


When we first moved to Fredericksburg we found a great family owned grocery store chain named Ukrops.  They were based out of Richmond and only had one store in Fredericksburg.  We quickly fell in love with their fresh produce and fruits but also had a fit for homemade dinner rolls named White House Rolls.  How appropriate since we're 50 miles south of DC.  But the Ukrops family decided . . . Continue Reading

No. 46 – Apple, Cranberry & Currant Crumb Pie

IMG_8638 A

I ran off for a couple of days.  I didn't actually go anywhere, just stayed home and worked on my never ending list of things to do. I didn't get everything done, but I made a dent.  In addition to my pile-o-chores, I started getting recipes together for Thanksgiving.  I kitchen-tested some homemade rolls which are fantastic.  (Recipe coming later this week) I even pulled the crock pot . . . Continue Reading

Peanut Butter Dog Treats


I had a plan. Famous last words!  I had planned to post a savory, hearty, wonderful recipe for beef stew today. Ohhh comfort food. I made the stew and took photos but unfortunately it still needs a little tweaking. No recipe will be blogged before it’s time! I’ll work on it and get back with you. In the meantime, I felt the urge to make my little furry children happy with some . . . Continue Reading

No. 45 – Raisin & Maple Crunch Pie


This pie turned out so unique and delicious.  I wasn't really sure what to expect but these flavors really blend together marvelously!  This pie was a first place winner in the Amateur Division of the 2009 Crisco National Pie Championships.To whip up this easy pie, you'll need butter, brown sugar, corn syrup, maple syrup, salt, vanilla, eggs, crunchy granola bars, pecans, . . . Continue Reading

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie


What kind of foodie blogger would I be if I didn't post a creamy and delicious pumpkin pie smoothie?  A hungry one I guess!  I've resisted making a pumpkin smoothie because I didn't think I'd like it.  Was I completely wrong!  After making a pumpkin pie last weekend I had a little canned pumpkin left over.  I am so glad because this was great.  I went . . . Continue Reading

Chili for a crowd


A few weeks ago I mentioned our quick 48 hour, 1,400 mile trip to Atlanta and back to pick up our pop-up camper we bought from my brother David and Sister-in-law Briana.  Brother David was prepared for our visit by having the camper organized, the paperwork done, and a big pot of chili on the stove for dinner.  My husband and I LOVED the chili and just had to get the . . . Continue Reading