October 19, 2012

Callie & Patrick - a beautiful October wedding

You may have noticed I've been absent from blogging lately.  We've been very busy with wedding plans and 8 days of multiple sets of out-of-town company.  I haven't baked or cooked anything in a long time but hope to get back in the kitchen this weekend.  I hope you don't mind if I share some wedding photos taken by my husband.  It was a wonderful day and we couldn't be happier for them both.  Callie is a wonderful young lady and we are so pleased to welcome her to the family!

Our son Patrick and (now) daughter-in-law Callie were married last Sunday in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in perfect October Virginia weather.  Please take note of the groom and groomsmen wearing green Chuck Taylor sneakers - funny guys.  Green is Callie's favorite color.

Callie and her father Jeff take a walk down the aisle.

Callie sees Patrick waiting for her at the "altar."

Patrick sees his beautiful bride.

The hand off ...

My husband's niece Christi (Patrick's cousin) sang a beautiful song during the ceremony.

Rings and promises were exchanged ...

The first kiss as husband and wife.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs.!

Our daughter Allie was a lovely bridesmaid.

Allie and groomsman Eric

Patrick and Callie come back for photos.

The DJ introduced the couple - they were so happy!

The first dance.

Then others joined in the fun.  

The bride with her flower girl and ring-bearer (he said he was the ring-master - so cute.)

My husbands niece Christi busts a move with her two children.  So much fun!

A beautiful handmade gift for me from my new daughter.

The completely awesome best-man Daniel (our favorite) gave a wonderful heartfelt toast to the couple.  Great job D!  Callie's sister/maid of honor, and the flower girl, lend moral support for the speech.

Nobody spilled any cake.  They must have had a deal.

Here's our little family - son Patrick and wife Callie, and on the right is our daughter Allie and her fiance Josh. Yes we have another wedding coming up - in 8 months!  No rest for this wedding planning family!

Would you believe our daughter Allie caught the bouquet and her fiance Josh caught the garter - yup it was a family affair?! 

The Conga line ended up outside - they had a great DJ that kept party going!

Allie and Josh are at the front and Patrick is dragging some poor woman into the line!

Sending the couple off with bubbles!

Patrick must have threatened somebody to get off so easy with the truck decorations :)

Looks like the truck was full of balloons.

The lovely couple headed to the Acadia Mountains in Maine for their honeymoon.  Last we heard, they are having a great time.  Love you both so much!  See you soon.

We will resume our regular blog program on Monday!  Please check back soon.  Thanks so much for stopping by!  



  1. What a gorgeous wedding. And I have missed you. Now I know why and it was worth it!

  2. Lovely! I love weddings especially in Virginia. My own wedding was in Alexandria!! Thanks for sharing the special day.


  3. Lovely wedding! They look beautiful! Welcome back Tricia!

  4. I'm such a sap, I don't even know the bride and groom, yet I'm still teary looking at the photos. They are just to gosh darn cute, and they look they had fun at their own wedding (which doesn't always happen). Congratulations on everything!

  5. I got teary eyed, too! I have two daughters and I can only hope that our special days are this beautiful. Congratulations to you all, Tricia!

  6. I thought of you several times over the past couple of weeks. I'm sure it was lots of fun! The newlyweds definitely looked like they had a fantastic time at the wedding. The wedding was just beautiful!

  7. Oh how FABULOUS! It looks amazing. I was just smiling looking at all of those photos. So happy for them, and for YOU. :)

  8. A huge congratulations, Callie, Patrick and the whole family!
    A beautiful wedding! I really love the photo of sending the couple off with bubbles! Amazing!

  9. congratulations to you on a new family member! :)

  10. Oh my goodness, Tricia, what a perfectly beautiful wedding! The day, the bride, the dress, the EVERYTHING! Lovely, just lovely, you should be very proud! And it looks like your son has chosen a wonderful wife :)


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