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Are you baking this weekend?  Maybe you’re looking for a new recipe to share with family and friends?  This is my third Christmas since I started SRFD so most all our old family recipes are already posted.  This Christmas I am moving on to some new favorites and exploring those “I’ve always wanted to make those” recipes.  In addition to new favorites, I am mixing up many of our old recipes like these Pinwheel Cookies.  My brother John LOVES these cookies, as do I.  They always make me think of Mom. 

If I had to name one blogging regret, it would be that my Recipe Page is not yet published and I still have tons of work to do.  Because I have not put all my recipes in one easy location, you, my wonderful readers, have no where to go and see these family favorites with just one simple click!
So I put together this post of great recipes that must be shared!  Russian Tea Cakes a/k/a Wedding Cookies are a melt in your mouth, delicate and delicious, nut filled winner!  
These Bourbon Balls make me smile every time I see this photo.  I remember as a young girl I would sneak into the garage, where mom kept all the cookies, and pop one of these chocolate spiked wonders into my mouth and run!  I never ate enough to get woozy, but make no mistake, these are an adult confection.

Chocolate and peanut butter, chocolate and peanut butter, chocolate and peanut butter – oh my!  When these warm peanut butter cookies come out of the oven and you press a chocolate kiss down in the middle, I find it hard to wait until the chocolate melts from the lingering heat before popping one in my mouth.  The chocolate kiss melts all the way to the tip – wow – so delicious, so rich and so perfect!  

These are a delicate and wonderful cookie made with a cream cheese dough, almond extract and sugar.   They really are a surprise favorite of mine.  If you have a thing for almonds and almond extract, you must make these this year.  

I make pounds and pounds of this fudge every year and give it to all my favorite people.  I usually make between 24 to 30 pounds of this stuff.  Rich, sweet and chocolaty.  Fudge perfection!

This is becoming every one’s favorite fudge recipe.  I will be making this too, in huge amounts.  Don’t eat too much at one time – it is sweet!

I just finished making a batch of these almonds.  Read the recipe many times before you start.  It is easy but each step is important.  Candy making is often an exercise in paying attention and being prepared.  Don’t walk away from this recipe or you’ll ruin a pan!  I love these almonds.  They travel well, keep a long time and  are really worth all the stirring!

 People I don’t even know ask me to make this for them.  The key to making successful toffee is knowing when it has reached that perfect crack stage.  You don’t want to overcook the toffee because you’ll taste it and if you take it off too early, it won’t crumble in your mouth, only stick to your teeth.  Get a good candy thermometer and have a blast!  

These were my dads favorite cookies.  I sure do miss my parents, especially at the holidays :)  

While this may not be a traditional Christmas cookie, it certainly has become a favorite in my book!  The dough is flaky and soft, the filling slightly sweet with a hint of chocolate.  This is a keeper.

If you love a good eggnog, this pie will not disappoint.  It’s an easy recipe and may be made ahead of time which makes it a real winner in my (cook) book!

During 2011 I made a pie a week for the entire year.  This was the last pie I made so it has a special place in my memories.  Peppermint and chocolate – you bet it’s good.  The filling is soft and light and it makes a beautiful presentation at your holiday gatherings.
If you missed these recently – they are a lovely old traditional cookie made with almond flour and raspberry jam.  These are so much better the next day after the jam softens the cookies.  I will make these again and I’ll use more jam and less powdered sugar on top.  Yum!

I just made these and am so happy.  They are easy, chewy and delicious.  You should make them too!
When it’s all said and done, don’t forget to make a good hot cup of homemade cocoa.  All I need now is a foot of snow and I will be so happy!  
I hope you found something new to try and please send me an email if you have any recipe questions.  Happy Baking!
Thanks so much for stopping by!

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    Hi Tricia! I got your cookies in the mail for the FB Cookie Swap and I got to say they are fantastic!! Thanks so much!! I could eat them all in one sitting but I'm showing restraint and trying to pace myself. I'm loving this collection of holiday treats and can't wait to give that eggnog pie a try.

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    Oh my gosh, Tricia, I could never keep up with you in the kitchen for Christmas baking! Wow, what a selection of holiday goodies! I'd like one of each . . . and even two of each please!!!!! Wishing you a most blessed Christmas season!

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