June 28, 2012

Melon Salsa

You're going to need this next week.   Really - I wouldn't just say that.  Melon salsa?  Why do I think you'll need melon salsa?  Because the 4th of July is almost here and I know you have a watermelon chilling in the fridge.  And, I know you have at least one extra cup of sweet watermelon you can set aside for this terrific summer salsa.  Watermelon salsa?  Yes, no kidding.  This stuff is the bomb!  Fantastic, sweet, refreshing, complex, tangy and perfect served with chips or as a topping for grilled chicken.  I am so pleased with this simple, healthy and delicious recipe.  You gotta give it a try!

June 25, 2012

Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream (Winner Announced!)

I swear this is the last peanut butter dessert I’ll post for a long, long, time, unless of course PB Crave sends me more delicious peanut butter (hint hint).  This stuff is addictive.  I may have to change the name of this blog to “the obsessive baker.”  I guess I’m just a theme oriented person.  For instance, last year I posted an entire year of pies.  Then I got hooked on peanut butter.  OK, and chocolate.  I sense lemon is coming around again as a weekly feature.  See what I mean? 

June 21, 2012

Shenandoah Camping & Campfire Breakfast

Last weekend we spent three glorious days on top of Loft Mountain in the Shenandoah National Park, Virginia.  The weather was perfect and we finally got a chance to try out our new pop-up camper we bought last October.  It was great!  We grilled steaks, corn on the cob, and made this wonderful, hearty, filling breakfast casserole in a Lodge Dutch Oven.

June 18, 2012

Razzle Dazzle Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies & a Giveaway!

Today we have another PB Crave Peanut Butter feature post and a CoCo Banana Variety Pack GIVEAWAY for one lucky winner!  

June 14, 2012

"Garden to Table" - Thai Green Curry Shrimp with Peas & Basil

Each summer I try to use our garden goodies ("Garden to Table" posts) as the star attraction in sometimes new and delicious recipes.  While we don't have a ton of ripe vegetables ... yet, we did harvest a bunch of English Green Peas.  Have you ever shelled peas?  It's an easy but time consuming task.  I'm not complaining one bit because peas are a favorite of mine.  I love to eat them raw right out of the pod.  So seriously fresh!  I usually watch a movie or something interesting on TV while shelling away. 

June 11, 2012

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups featuring PB Crave peanut butter

Maybe it's just me, but I believe peanut butter and chocolate are soul mates.  No matter how hard you try to keep them apart, they will find a way to be together.  So why not let them marry into delicious combinations able to satisfy even the most intense cravings?  Exactly what I was thinking!

June 6, 2012

Salmon with Bok Choy, Cabbage & Shiitakes

I love just about anything cooked on the grill.  However, there is something special about oven baked salmon.  The fresh salmon flavor really shines through in this simple, healthy, delicious one dish meal.  I almost forgot ... the wasabi-ginger-garlic-mayonnaise is icing on the cake!

June 4, 2012

Choco Choco Peanut Butter Mousse

The great folks at PB Crave recently sent four jars of their delicious peanut butter to us to sample and share.  The sampling has been very easy but the sharing part has been hard.  I asked my son and his fiance to try them during a recent visit.  We each ended up with a favorite and my son Patrick took the rest of his favorite home!  He loved the Coco Banana and said it tastes just like a peanut butter banana sandwich.  

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