Moist and flavorful Banana Chocolate  Chip Cake.  It’s perfect for snacking or great dressed up for  special occasions  with our luscious chocolate frosting. Easy and delicious!

For the cake: – all-purpose flour – salt – baking soda – unsalted butter – brown sugar  – large eggs – mashed ripe bananas – vanilla extract – whole milk – mini chocolate chips


Whisk together the dry ingredients. Beat the butter and  sugar mixture, adding  the banana. Add the dry ingredients  to the banana mixture. Fold in the chocolate  chips.

Bake. Allow the banana cake  to cool. Serve immediately  or frost. The frosting sets up  best when the cake is completely cool.

Wavy Line

Ingredients for the chocolate frosting: – unsalted butter  – powdered sugar – Dutch-process cocoa powder – salt – heavy cream  – espresso powder – vanilla extract

Easy to make and delightful to eat!

Single layer cakes are the best!  And a little less fussy than layered cakes.

TIPS! Use very ripe bananas Don’t over-bake

How to store the banana cake

in an airtight container at room temperature, or refrigerated for longer

unfrosted, freezes very well

You don’t need a special occasion to enjoy this cake!

Get the full recipe  at the link below!