These delicious butter cookies are crisp and light, with a crunchy sugar topping that is completely irresistible.  Without a doubt, classic butter cookies have worldwide appeal.

just a few good quality ingredients

– unsalted butter – all-purpose flour – granulated sugar – salt – vanilla bean paste – 1 large egg

Share a platter of these Butter Cookie Wreaths at your next gathering and watch them disappear!

Dust the work surface with plenty of flour to prevent sticking. Roll the dough to 1/8, 1/6 or 1/4-inch thick depending on desired thickness. Adjust baking time as needed.

Brush each cookie with an egg wash. Then sprinkle each cookie generously with coarse sugar.  And bake!

Don’t skip the sparkling or coarse sugar topping. The baked on sugar offers a nice textural feature and a little extra sweetness.

These butter cookie wreaths are perfect for freezing ahead. They’re also great for packing in pretty cookie tins, or boxes, for gifting. And even shipping to loved ones.

Get the full recipe at the link below!