Our Classic Double Crust Apple Pie Recipe – made with tart, juicy apples piled high and wrapped in a buttery, flaky, double crust pastry.

·  cooking apples ·  sugar ·  brown sugar ·  all-purpose flour ·  cinnamon ·  nutmeg ·  unsalted butter ·  egg ·  Turbinado sugar ·  Double crust pastry


If you can peel and slice an apple (or eight), you can make this wonderful apple pie!

Whisk together the dry ingredients.  Add the sugar mixture  to the sliced apples;  toss to coat the fruit.

Fill the pastry with  the apple mixture.

Cover with remaining  dough. Seal edges and  slit crust to vent. Bake!

Optional: Cut scraps of dough into decorative designs using cookie cutters or knife.

I prefer Granny Smith Apples!

Line the bottom rack  of your oven with foil  in case juice bubbles out of the pie while baking.

Serve with a slice of cheddar cheese or ice cream if desired.

Each and every pie turns out unique, with character all its own.

Get the full recipe  at the link below!