Our easy Grasshopper Pie tastes like springtime. It’s super light and fluffy with a clean, bright flavor that’s fresh and minty! This super simple recipe requires no rolling, cooking or fussy steps.

A no-bake springtime dessert with a mousse-like filling.

What is Grasshopper Pie?

The crust is typically made with crushed chocolate sandwich cookies.

Inspired by the cocktail with the same name.

Green Curved Line

For the cookie crust: – Oreos (or similar cookie) – powdered sugar – melted butter For the filling: – powdered sugar – cream cheese – heavy cream – green crème de menthe liqueur  – white crème de cacao liqueur


Pulse the cookies in a  food processor.   Add other ingredients  and pulse again. Press into a pie dish. Bake and cool.

Mix portioned  ingredients. Beat heavy cream  then gently fold in. Spoon into crust. Refrigerate.

Optional Toppings: – powdered sugar – vanilla extract – heavy whipping cream – crushed cookies for sprinkling on top

Refrigerate or serve immediately.

Not kid-friendly or for those that don’t imbibe!

See how to make it  without liqueur.

You can also freeze this pie!

It’s great for grownup summer parties, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter celebrations.

Get the full recipe  at the link below!