Everybody loves these delicious, easy to make fresh Peach Crumb Bars with an almond flavored icing. They’re terrific for any occasion like cook-outs, pot-lucks and summer extravaganzas.

For the crust and crumble topping: – granulated sugar – all-purpose flour – baking powder – salt – ground cinnamon – unsalted butter – large egg


For the peach filling: – granulated sugar – cornstarch – ground cinnamon – large peaches – fresh lemon juice


Make the crumb mixture. Gently press a little more than half the mixture into the prepared pan.

Prepare the peach  mixture. Pour the peaches over  the crust. Scatter the crumbled  topping over the  fruit layer.

Bake! Cool completely before  cutting and icing.  Or skip the icing and  serve slightly warm  with a scoop of  ice cream.

The peaches should be very fragrant!

Color is a good indicator of great fruit!

Buy local if you can!

Select medium to large peaches!

They travel well and keep for days when stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

These easy dessert bars can be made with many kinds of fruit or berries or a combination of both.

Get the full recipe  at the link below!