Tender and flavorful!  A dish that is easy enough for a weeknight but good enough for an elegant dinner party!   With a streamlined process, but with the same one-pan, restaurant quality dish!

– chicken breasts – flour – salt & pepper – garlic powder – mushrooms – unsalted butter – olive oil – garlic – shallots – chicken broth – dry white wine – heavy cream – fresh thyme – dijon mustard – cornstarch


Any kind of mushroom will do!

Use the entire mushroom, just clean each mushroom individually first.

I have lots of secrets that make this dish so delicious!

Building layers of flavor  is the simple, easy way  to make a dish flavorful.

You can even double the sauce / gravy in this dish!   Yum!

How to serve?

In addition to: -wild rice -mashed potatoes -flat noodle

With something fresh  and green: -salad -broccoli -green beans -Brussels sprouts

But don’t forget the  crusty bread to soak up  the wine sauce!

Fork tender,  easy to make,  flavorful and delicious!

Get the full recipe  at the link below!