If you’re a fan of the peanut butter and chocolate combo, you’re in for a treat. Our buttery shortbread cookies are topped with a simple creamy peanut butter mixture then enrobed in silky chocolate.

For the shortbread cookies: – unsalted butter – powdered sugar – light brown sugar – vanilla extract – salt – all-purpose flour For the peanut butter filling: – creamy peanut butter – powdered sugar For the chocolate coating:  – milk chocolate


prepare the  shortbread cookies -mix the dough -form into a log -refrigerate for  at least 2 hours -slice and bake

make the peanut  butter filling -combine until smooth -mound in the center -spread toward the edges -set aside

temper the milk chocolate coating

-chop the chocolate  into fine shards  -microwave

coat the Tagalongs in chocolate -balance cookie on fork -spoon chocolate over cookie

Don’t overheat the chocolate. If the chocolate thickens while coating the cookies, simply microwave and stir until smooth again.

You can store at room temperature, or in the refrigerator.

They won't last long!

Or freeze  the baked shortbread cookies.

The finished cookies freeze very well.

Homemade Tagalongs  Girl Scout Cookies  are some of the BEST cookies we've ever created!

Get the full recipe  at the link below!