Chocolate Valentine’s Day Cookies are a great way to share the love! ❤️ You’ll love the deep, rich chocolate flavor, the perfect texture that’s not too soft and not too crisp.

– butter – cream cheese – granulated sugar – egg – vanilla extract – espresso powder – all-purpose flour – cocoa powder – baking powder – salt


-beat the butter and  cream cheese together -add the sugar and beat -combine the vanilla  and espresso powder -add the egg and vanilla mixture to the butter  and sugar -beat

-whisk together flour,  cocoa powders,  baking powder and salt -add to the butter  and sugar -blend

-cut dough ball into  three or four pieces -press one dough ball  between sheets of  parchment paper  -roll the dough; repeat -refrigerate

-cut into shapes -bake!


-dip or drizzle  different chocolates -sandwich two  together with a filling -top with Valentine’s Day theme sprinkles

store at  -room temperature  -refrigerate -freeze

Get the full recipe  at the link below!