Tender, buttery,  melt in your mouth  little cookies  (a/k/a biscuits)!   Delicious butter cookies slathered with raspberry jam and  a light vanilla buttercream filling.

For the cookies: – unsalted butter – confectioner’s or powdered sugar – all-purpose flour – cornstarch or arrowroot For the filling: – unsalted butter – confectioner’s or powdered sugar – vanilla extract – raspberry jam


You will need a  digital kitchen scale.

All measurements for the ingredients are noted in grams and no not convert well.

Helpful Tips

– the butter must be very, very soft – use the best swirls for the cookie tops – watch your baking time  closely

As a guide, trace  15-16 circles  on a piece of  parchment paper. Once mixed.  Pipe the cookie  dough into  swirled rounds.

For the cookies:

Bake until the bottom edges of the cookies are  just lightly browned.

Refrigerate the unbaked cookies before baking.

Spoon jam onto half the cookies. Pipe buttercream onto the remaining cookies. Gently sandwich sides.

For the filling:

Get the full recipe  at the link below!