Cherry & Chocolate Ice Cream

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During the long, hot, humid, dog days of summer, not much can beat a nice cold scoop of ice cream.  It almost seems like cheating because it's so easy to make.  When I was young, somebody (usually the kids) had to hand churn the ice cream maker while Dad added salt and ice.  Then we graduated to the electric model, but you still had to add the salt and ice.  Now all you have to do it mix . . . Continue Reading

Peach brûlée with honey creme anglaise


This recipe may have a long name but don't let that scare you, it only takes minutes to make.  Dessert in 10 minutes?  Why not!  We had a couple of mature peaches left from our recent purchase and wanted to do something that included cooking with sugar and butter.   These peaches were reaching senior status so we didn't waste any time, we ate them for lunch!Well hey - . . . Continue Reading

Grilled pork with peach agrodolce


The peaches are here!  The peaches are here!  Yes I'm a little excited.I love to gently hold a fragrant ripe peach in my hand, pull it close to my face and take a deep breath to inhale their incredible, sweet, enticing aroma.  The skin is so tender and the fruit juicy, sweet and soft.  It's love at first bite!   Agrodolce is a traditional Italian . . . Continue Reading

Mom’s Blackberry Cobbler

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My niece from Atlanta called to ask about her grandmother's (my mom's) blackberry cobbler recipe.  She said she couldn't find it on the blog.  My bad!  I can't believe I haven't blogged this yet.  This was my fathers favorite dessert, and is fondly remembered by everyone in my family. Each summer when I was a young girl we'd get up early (early for summer), dress in long sleeved . . . Continue Reading

“Garden to Table” – Fried Green Tomatoes

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Key intro music ...  da ta da!!!  Welcome to another installment of our "Garden to Table" feature here at SRFD!  From time to time we showcase some of our home-grown vegetables in easy, delicious recipes.  This Southern Classic was a special request by Traveling Husband and I must say, they're the best I've ever had.  It's nice to know I haven't completely lost my Southern roots by . . . Continue Reading

Cheesecake Ice Cream with Blackberry Sauce


With the tremendous heat we've had in the DC area I knew we needed something cool for dessert at our July 4th barbecue.  You know what I love about homemade ice cream?  Everybody loves it and it's so easy to make.  I've seen various cream cheese ice cream recipes this year and thought it sounded great. But when I saw a cheesecake ice cream recipe in the Cuisinart Ice . . . Continue Reading

Summer Fruit Kabobs & Mascarpone Dip


Happy 4th of July!!!!  This is about as red, white and blue as I'll get today with my BBQ feast.  Don't these look like fireworks?  So fun, easy and cute.  Served with a slightly sweet fruit dip, this is going to be devoured by our guests!Using wooden skewers and any fruit you have on hand, you'll be ready for a light and fresh appetizer perfect for any summer . . . Continue Reading

Lemondrop Sorbet


I was shopping at our local Wegman's grocery store the other day and had my heart set on a cantaloupe.  I'm picky about my cantaloupe and often sniff a half dozen or more before I find the sweetest in the bunch. After carefully checking several melons it became clear I wasn't going to find one that made me happy.  I've never really thought how it must look to see someone sniffing . . . Continue Reading