Cinnamon macarons with cinnamon apple-butter buttercream

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A sweet treat with a big cinnamon apple butter taste.

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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for this recipe, when my son makes eggnog again with at least 8 eggs, I will have eggwhites to use and cinnamon (and cloves) are my favorite spices. Reina

  2. Chris Scheuer

    These look spectacular Tricia. Bravo to you for such an accomplished weekend. I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes when I get on the plane in London after being with the grandkids for a week or two, I never even see the plane take off. I'm already sound asleep, probably with my mouth hanging open 🙂

  3. Monica

    Such a seasonal filling and combination, Tricia. I am so predictable and always go with ganache. You make me want to take out my piping bags and make a batch of macarons again real soon.

  4. Anna and Liz Recipes

    Yummy! You know we have never made macaroons before and most probably the reason is because you need to put some time aside to make them. Maybe some day ( wishful thinking)<br />But yours look AMAMZING!! and they sound delicious too! Can't wait to see the recipe for the gelato as well!

  5. Sue/the view from great island

    I'm in awe of these, Tricia—I'm waaay too cowardly to attempt macaroons, I'm content to just follow along as you make them. This is a wonderful flavor combination, and I know exactly what you mean about google…sometimes I don't even bother to check if someone else has already had my brilliant idea, I'd rather be blissfully unaware!

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