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  1. Anna and Liz Recipes says

    What a beautiful post Tricia! Not only your photos are spectacular, but your tribute to all the Moms including your memorable photos of you with your mom and grandmother are just precious, brings tears to my eyes. Love you girlfriend! … like your my next door neighbor. When you come to Charleston, please please contact me! <br />xxoo Anna

  2. Chris Scheuer says

    What a lovely post Tricia. Thanks for sharing such a special part of your heart with us. I love the picture of the four generations of beautiful women, that is precious beyond words. Your mom looks like a sweetheart. <br />Love your breakfast – I never thought of using English muffins for French toast but it sounds and looks fabulous.

  3. SavoringTime in the Kitchen says

    I love the photos of your mother and son and your 4 generations! I lost my mother in 2005 and never met my grandmother as she died when my mother was only 10 years old. Happily I have two wonderful, grown daughters to help pamper me on Mothers' Day. <br /><br />I never would have though to make French toast with English muffins but I love the idea. They look delicious, Tricia!

  4. Wendy says

    Oh my goodness, Tricia! That photo of your mom and Patrick could win a gorgeous baby contest or "show grandparent-love in a photo" contest….or maybe just "show love in a photo" contest. 🙂 I can understand why you would treasure the 4 generation photo also. How incredibly special to be able to document all of you together. Lots of red/strawberry-blond hair in your family. 🙂

  5. Monica says

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day, Tricia! You always set such a lovely table. I adore English muffins and French toast is always a special treat…what a great combination for Mother's Day. Have a great one on Sunday!

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