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  1. Laura (Blogging Over Thyme) says

    I'm looking forward to the rest of the long weekend too! Gives me a chance to catch up on sleep 🙂 This smoothie looks wonderful, and uses some of my favorite ingredient combinations ever. Now I just need to have one in my hand and get transported to a tropical island!

  2. Anna and Liz Recipes says

    Hi Tricia! I just made this as a snack since I LOVE Smoothies…. I only had skim milk, (ran out of Almond milk), 3 pieces of fresh pineapple, one frozen banana, 1/2 scoop of powder and 1 tablespoon of organic shredded coconut and it was ssoooo GOOD! THanks for a great easy recipe! 🙂 Anna

  3. Mary says

    This sounds like a delicious combination. I'm giggling because your smoothie today looks absolutely photo shoot worthy. Mine? Definitely the ugliest color yet. ha ha. <br /><br />Looking forward to seeing a baby pic in the near future. I'm so excited for you! Does your daughter live close to you?

    • Tricia says

      Hey Mary – you are so funny. I thought your smoothie sounded great. Green food is totally under-rated! Baby pictures coming soon! Yes my daughter lives very close by and we talk everyday. She is a great daughter and is so excited to be a mom. She's 23 years old and says she's ready and I'm ready to be a grandma. Thanks!

  4. Em (Wine and Butter) says

    Tricia!! This is so funny because right now we have your margarita pie in the freezer (woop wooooop!!) and i just came over to tell you – and the recipe you have here is SO similar to one I was intending to post in a week or two. Mine is a little different but the banana coconut pineapple combo I first had on Honeymoon in Thailand and fell in LOVE with and have been meaning to re-create ever

  5. Miss Smart says

    Why must you remind me of your crazy FOUR day weekend, when the rest of us (yes, even in VA) have only three days off?<br /><br />This looks lovely and amazing and I think you were reading my mind because I am thinking about creating a Pina Colada Sara(h)bar this weekend!<br /><br />(Sigh) I remember being a plain (2%) Greek yogurt junkie…<br /><br />Is it weird that I really like canned

    • Tricia says

      Hey Sarah – sorry about the long weekend, but you get summers off you ole teacher you! Pina Colada bars sounds great – come on up this weekend and we'll get in the kitchen! Vegan must be hard – vegetarian sounds a lot easier! I would have used canned pineapple but I had fresh left over from the baby shower. I swiped some of my husbands Gensoy Soy Protien Vanilla Flavor Shake for this

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