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  1. Em (Wine and Butter) says

    YAY! I love it – I bought a frozen yogurt the other day – the day before it started snowing in fact. The guy in the shop looked at me like I was out and out bonkers! So pleased you do it too!!<br /><br />Salted caramel ice cream is actually Louis favourite! Ive promised myself no more desserts until Ive lost the last 2 of my xmas pounds (so much harder to do as I get older!)<br /><br />BUT Ive

    • Anna and Liz Recipes says

      Hi Tricia,<br /> Glad the baby and family are doing well! I posted your smoothie the other day and mentioned your blog along with a link, I don't know if you had a chance to see it.(Pina Colada smoothie post.)

  2. Mary says

    I'm so happy to hear that your daughter and Isaac are doing great. He is adorable! My youngest is not yet two and so, I'll assure you that one week is REALLY early for turning over! Way to go, Isaac – just don't start crawling next month. Let your mama catch her breath!<br /><br />This ice cream looks insanely delicious! I just pinned it to try this year. Do the praline pieces stay

    • Tricia says

      Thanks for the comment Mary! I didn't realize your baby was so young – you just went through this yourself. Such fun! <br />The ice cream is rich and delicious and the one little scoop I had still had plenty of crunch. I will have some more soon – I'm sure. Ice cream is great because it can be eaten over a long period of time without going bad! I hope some of the praline does get

  3. Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow says

    Tricia, this ice cream sounds yummy… love the salty with the creamy and sweet! So glad Baby Isaac and Momma are doing well… they do change and grow so very fast! blessings ~ tanna

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