Sprouted Wheat Bread

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Light, soft, slightly sweet with a hint of nutty flavor, and absolutely delicious.

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  1. ROthere

    I made something like this a few weeks ago, rolled them into loaves and put them into the freezer then later took them out and proofed baked them the other day. I could not believe how awesome the recipe turned out so I went back to find the recipe and I could not find it. I was looking for something that had a high content of milk and fat and honey. This recipe is the closest that I could find to what I’d made. And you know what, I’d used lard instead of oil or butter, because I had it on hand and was just getting courageous trying lard in baking for the first time ( I live in New Mexico). I also had used Bob’s Red Mill 100% whole wheat flour (I believe it is milled hard red wheat) but I am a total sprouted wheat fan so I will definitely do the sprouted wheat flour too, when I get the chance. I did however sprout about a cup of winter red wheat berries and ground them up into a pulp and included them in the recipe. This was the best bread that I’ve ever had. Hands down beat any recipe that uses water. WHY use water when you can use milk! I grew up on bitter dense odorous loaves of whole wheat bread that my Mother made and I’ve just learned a truth. Hard red wheat tastes so different when you encompass that flavor with the warmth of fats and sweetness of honey. I could live on this bread and I could eat one piece for brunch and it would break my fast and keep me content for a few hours longer! Hearty with just the right combination of macronutrients. Aaamazing!

  2. Alzena

    5 stars
    Just made this bread and oh how delicious it is. A little labor intense but well worth it. Mine didn’t have that pretty dome after baked, but it was still pretty. Delicious. The sprouted wheat flour is a little hard to find, but will be making again.

  3. Dave Crow

    I make one loaf every week for my wife. I add seeds from time to time to mix things up a bit. Great recipe!

  4. Chris Scheuer

    This looks like the perfect bread for morning toast, delicious sandwhiches and snacks in betweem. I'm imagining it warm with a little slather of butter and some strawberry jam. or just a bit of hummus and a few slices of avocado, yum!

  5. Monica

    Hi Tricia – when I buy seeds to snack on, I've been getting sprouted because I hear it's better for you and I find it tastes better but I don't know much about it. Never heard of sprouted wheat flour – really interesting. Most importantly, your bread looks fluffy and so moist! I only have one experience so far but that feeling of pulling out your own homemade bread is pretty