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  1. Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow says

    Wow, this one will be on the list for the week… with a grilled chicken breast piled on top. I've been wanting an immersion blender, have a credit at bed, bath and beyond, and this is the perfect excuse to spend that credit!! <br /><br />Oh, Tricia, you have so much going on right now! Such wonderful stuff!! Happy belated birthday to your daughter. And, can't wait to see pictures

  2. The Slow Roasted Italian says

    Creamy Feta Dressing… Oh my that is heavenly! I bet you could pour it on a shoe and make it taste good! <br /><br />Aside from eating fabulously dressed shoes… This salad looks awesome. I have an old immersion blender but have lost the blades. I have been telling myself I will get new blades, but I am thinking I have motivation to get a new blender… I need this dressing in my life!

  3. Mary says

    Can't believe the wedding is so close. Didn't he just propose last week?! This is a beautiful salad, Tricia. Your photos rock. Not being a huge fan of feta, I'll skip trying it myself though. Thanks for the warning.<br /><br />I made a salad last night with cinnamon pecans and wondered why it has been so long since I roasted any nuts for my salads. They make an enormous difference in

Weeknight Dinners Made Easy


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