It’s Tuile Time!


I had so much fun playing with these cookies.  I may never use a glass bowl to serve dessert, ever again!  Simple, delicious, crispy, and light, tuiles are a versatile cookie with endless possibilities.  While sitting at work this week all I could think about was rushing home to make another batch.  Ideas kept popping in my head and for those of you who are uber-creative, I bet you could . . . Continue Reading

Cara Cara Orange Creamsicle Sorbet


Cara Cara Oranges are a newly branded "power orange" due to their nutritional advantages.  According to Sunkist, Cara Cara Oranges "are a special variety of juicy, low acid, seedless navels packed with more natural nutrition and minerals to power a healthy immune system.  Cara Caras are an excellent source of vitamin C, A and fiber; a good source of folate and . . . Continue Reading

“Garden to table” zucchini lasagna


I'm afraid this might be the last of our garden vegetables this year.   Between the oppressive heat and drought  it's been a struggle to keep it going.  Kudos to my husband for his over-the-top effort. Last year I tried to make a layered zucchini lasagna however it was a total flop and soupy mess.   It only took me a year to figure out where I went wrong and make a new plan of . . . Continue Reading

Old fashioned peach cobbler with shortcake crust


With peaches still available at the local Farmer's Market, I thought it was a good time to post an old fashioned peach cobbler like my Mom used to make.  She often used a shortcake dough to spoon on top of a simple combination of peaches, water, cornstarch and a little cinnamon.  The shortcake rises almost like a biscuit soaking up the peach syrup and juice as it bakes.By . . . Continue Reading

Amazing Hummus


"Amazing - inspiring awe or admiration or wonder." How can hummus inspire admiration or wonder?  So glad you asked! If I was totally rich, I would travel all over the world and see all there is to see, and taste all there is to taste.  I've seen a lot of the United States but my adventures abroad are limited to Ireland and Iceland.  Ireland is terrific by the way, a must see and a . . . Continue Reading

Chocolate Marquise with Fresh Cherry Sauce


A Chocolate Marquise is a rich, dense, mousse-like dessert that has been chilled in a mold.  As if that's not enough, go ahead and top it with a fresh cherry sauce spiked with cherry brandy.  What can I say?  I still had a bunch of fresh cherries in the fridge and didn't want to waste them!  Really I did.This mousse-like cake is so smooth and has a perfect amount of . . . Continue Reading

Ode to Zucchini – the super vegetable


When I made this dish for dinner recently, I didn't plan to blog it.  But as it sometimes happens this turned out great, and the recipe I planned to post, turned out yucky.  Really yucky.  I threw it down the disposal, yucky.  Wouldn't you know that roasting a few vegetables in the oven and piling them on top of some Quinoa and black beans would be a new favorite dish . . . Continue Reading

Lace Cookies


British, French, Irish or Swedish?  The more I dig to find the origin of this lovely little cookie, the more variations I discover.  Some are made with oats, others with almonds, and they are sometimes confused with Florentine Lace Cookies.  Chocolate can be drizzled on top or smeared in the middle to make a sandwich cookie.  Before I started making these cookies I thought they were a . . . Continue Reading

“Garden to table” – Rustic Tomato-Basil Tart


Tomatoes.  Lovely and firm, red and juicy.  This has to be our favorite summer fruit.  And this recipe is a new family favorite.  The tomatoes are so sweet and the crust is amazing!  It may not look like much, but it really hit the spot.  This version is gluten free but substitute regular flour and you still have a terrific pie!See the drops of water? . . . Continue Reading