Peach & Almond Shortcake

Peach Almond Shortcake-5

Do you think it means I'm weird because I get excited about seasonal fruits and recipes for things like Peach & Almond Shortcake?  Maybe I'm just a serious foodie, or maybe I'm just a big fan of the great outdoors and all that nature has to offer.  Could be all these things are true ... but weird is a good guess.   Shortcakes are fun and easy to pull together, usually . . . Continue Reading

Meatless Monday Taco Salad

Meatless Monday Taco Salad-2

We're still on our "bold flavors" kick and this completely qualifies as a bowl of "not-at-all-boring."  I really enjoyed this Meatless Monday Taco Salad and find it interesting and fun when a recipe exceeds expectations.  I guess anything with taco chips gets an automatic pass with me - and salsa too!   Our garden tomatoes are doing great and we eat them at least twice a day. . . . Continue Reading

Lemon Ice Cream with a Blackberry Swirl

Lemon Ice Cream with Blackberry Swirl-2

Bright, tart Lemon Ice Cream with a Blackberry Swirl - this is a pretty terrific bowl of deliciousness!  Fresh picked, juicy blackberries are a great match for fresh lemon juice - why didn't I think of this a long time ago?!   I just love summer fruits and of course I love ice cream so this was a natural combination.  And no - haha - I didn't eat the whole bowl by myself ... but I . . . Continue Reading

Grilled Pesto Pizza with Arugula and Feta

Pesto Grilled Pizza-4

Third times a charm ... right?  That was true for me when it came to making grilled pizza.  My daughter-in-law Callie should be proud!  Twice before I've made homemade dough for pizza and tried to grill it.  The first one turned out okay but not blog worthy.  And that was only after I had forgotten to oil the grill and the first crust stuck and burned.  Not pretty.  I shared half the . . . Continue Reading

Sriracha Grilled Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos

Grilled Srirachi Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos-1

I've been on a quest to come up with a recipe for grilled fish tacos where the fish doesn't taste flavorless and bland.  Mission accomplished!  Have you tried the new Sriracha dry seasoning?   Traveling husband and I are smitten with this stuff.  He loves it so much, he sprinkles it on popcorn!  We solved the bland fish taco problem and used it to make Sriracha Grilled Mahi Mahi Fish . . . Continue Reading

Sweet Corn Salsa

Sweet Corn Salasa-5

I paid another visit to my favorite local farm with the pick-your-own berries.  I picked a few baskets of the biggest blackberries I've ever seen, and chances are good you 'll see something resembling a blackberry dessert very soon.  But as I gathered my baskets and headed into the market to weight and pay, a four-wheeler pulling a trailer full of workers went by and each young man was . . . Continue Reading

Black Raspberry Cobbler

Black Raspberry Cobbler-7

My mom was a very good baker and we all loved her desserts, cookies and cobblers.    Every summer, when I was young, we dressed in long sleeved shirts, long pants and a healthy dose of bug spray, and headed out in the early morning hours to pick wild blackberries.  This was a family affair enjoyed by parents and children alike.  We knew if we picked buckets full of ripe berries, my mom . . . Continue Reading

Grilled Salmon & Orzo Corn Salad

Grilled Salmon W Orzo Salad-20

Sweet summer corn is everywhere and I find myself wanting to put it in everything!  This Grilled Salmon & Orzo Corn Salad is a wonderful summer dish made with fresh herbs, orzo pasta, tomatoes and onion.  Dressed with a light vinaigrette and topped with a juicy piece of wild caught grilled salmon, this dinner is completely satisfying! . . . Continue Reading

Homemade Muffaletta Loaves & Vegetable Sandwich

Vege Muffaletta-3

The Muffaletta is both a sandwich and the bread used to make the traditional, overstuffed famous New Orleans favorite.  Immigrants from Sicily brought the bread to New Orleans where it grew into an amazing sandwich loaded with ham, salami, cheese and mortadella.  I've only had a few true muffalettas in my life, none of which were eaten in New Orleans.  If you ever get the chance to . . . Continue Reading

Fresh Peach & Raspberry Clafoutis

Raspberry Peach Clafoutis-7

Raspberry Peach Clafoutis (pronounced "klafuti") is a traditional French dessert made with seasonal fresh fruit, covered in a thick custard-like batter, then baked. It is often served warm with a dusting of confectioners' sugar.  I served mine with the optional confectioners' sugar and a spoon! . . . Continue Reading