Strawberry, Banana & Peach Smoothie

Strawberry Peach Smoothie-4

I had a long list of recipes to make this weekend but, as things go, ended up with a 'clean out the freezer' kind of weekend.  With spring just around the corner I felt the need to take stock and purge the unrecognizable frozen blocks of something lurking in the dark corners of the freezer.  This worked out pretty great because I found another wonderful smoothie flavor combination that . . . Continue Reading

Roasted Tomato Basil Soup

Roasted Tomato Basil Soup-6

A couple of my co-workers have been talking about a local restaurant and a wonderful tomato basil soup they serve on occasion.  While I haven't tried it yet, I did get 'tomato soup on the brain' and set out to make our own at home.  I wanted it to be cream-free and meatless so I needed a method that would impart tremendous tomato flavor without tasting like a can of stewed . . . Continue Reading

Lemon Meltaways

Lemon Meltaways-6

Do you think if I post bright lemony recipes, spring will come early?  Probably not but it's nice to dream.  The forecast is calling for -4 degrees tomorrow night, we have about 7 inches of snow on the ground and a cold front coming in.  I'm really not complaining  because we've all wished for a good snow this year.  Now that we've had our snow - I'm ready for blooming dogwood trees, . . . Continue Reading

Baked Falafels with Red Lentils

Falafels with Lentils-6

 Are you a falafel fan?   I really love any kind of grain and bean burger but try to shy away from deep fried foods (most of the time).  I've always wanted to make baked falafel burgers so I researched many, many recipes coming up with a base plan.  I drew a lot of inspiration from recipes posted on The View From Great Island  and Minimalist Baker.  Some falafels are made with chickpeas . . . Continue Reading

Oil-Free Microwave Popcorn & a Chocolate COCOZIA Review

Popcorn COCOZIA-9

This is the easiest post EVER!  Believe it or not, this is all you need to make amazing, oil-free, light and fluffy perfectly popped popcorn!  I've seen the paper bag microwave hack (popcorn + oil + paper bag) and made it many, many times.  But as we grow older (and want to keep eating dessert) we have to cut out the unnecessary extra calories and fat somewhere.  My husband is really the . . . Continue Reading

Raspberry & Chocolate Cookie Stack Cakes

Raspberry Chocolate Cookie Stack Cakes-5

I guess you can tell this is not a meatless-Monday meal!  We've been pretty good this week, eating lots of fruits and vegetables but now it's time for a special Valentine's Day dessert.  If you're planning a romantic meal for that someone special in your life - maybe you'd like to try this recipe.  This is another really cool dessert that transforms after the layers are assembled.  In . . . Continue Reading

Chocolate Brownie Pudding Cake

Brownie Pudding Cake-10

Chocolate brownies sitting on top of a warm, rich chocolate pudding - how cool is this?  The brownies come out of the oven floating on top of a sea of chocolate.  This is similar to a molten lava cake, but less like cake and more like a brownie.  What do you think?  Yeah or nay - ice cream on top?  I say absolutely!   Sometimes cravings have to be satisfied and this did the trick. . . . Continue Reading

Swiss Chard & White Bean Stew with Onions & Tomatoes

Swiss Chard White Bean Stew-4

The name "Swiss Chard" doesn't seem to draw people in - like "I've got to have it - and have it now" inspiration.   But ... if you've tried to love kale and found it a little rubbery and tough and spinach a little wimpy, then Swiss Chard is for you.  Rich in vitamins A, K and C, minerals fiber and protein, Swiss Chard is the perfect addition to this dish of onions, tomatoes and white . . . Continue Reading

Cobh, Killarney, Doolin & the Cliffs of Moher

Ireland 3-16

I'm kind-of-sad to be posting the last group of photos from our trip to Ireland this past November.  We had such an amazing time and wanted to share this special place with you.  If you ever have questions about traveling in Ireland, just send a message and we'll fill you in on what we've learned.  We're not experts ... just everyday travelers. One of the nice things about traveling . . . Continue Reading

Butternut Cashew Chili

Butternut Cashew Chili-5

I know ... what self-respecting man is going to want meatless chili on Super Bowl Sunday?   You may know someone that would throw a flag on this game plan - but hear me out.  This chili delivers on the flavor and the cashews give you a first down on the texture.  Alright - enough with the football references.  I'm just cheering (oops) on our meatless Monday meals and this one would be . . . Continue Reading